Aeromao provide high performance turn key fixed wing drones for a multitude of applications. Manufactured in Canada, proven Worldwide.
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NEW - VT Naut
The best of the performance of a fixed wing aircraft, with vertical takeoff. Land anywhere, even water. Long range, Long endurance, BVLOS capable, multiple payload, clutter free VTOSL capabilities (vertical takeoff and short landing), simple and indestructible design.
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New - VT Naut Amphibious
Introducing the world's first Vertical Takeoff fixed wing drone capable of water landings, available with both mapping and surveillance payloads. Ideal for coastal operations and use from vessels or boats, this rugged drone excels in marine saltwater environments, ensuring durability and reliability. Elevate your missions with this compact, versatile, and groundbreaking aerial solution.
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Aeromapper Talon PPK
Pure blood fixed wing fully autonomous drone bundled with the Emlid Reach M2 PPK UAV Mapping kit for centimeter accuracy with no Ground Control Points. Maps 20 – 30 times more acres per flight than a multirotor drone.
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Aeromapper Talon Amphibious
Use nature to your advantage and survey anywhere, anytime. Ideal for marine research and protection.
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DJI Enterprise
Industrial DJI drone systems. Ask about our special discounts for combo orders.
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Drone Sensors
Explore our variety of sensors for fixed wing: high resolution mapping, Multiespectral, Surveillance long range video and more.
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No. 1 Emlid solutions provider in Canada. Perfect complement to our drone systems.
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Aeromao is the official dealer for Dronetag, maker of remote Identification solutions for any drone. Make your drone compliant quick and easy
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Processing & photogrammetry software for drone imagery & data, as well as data collection software for professional surveyors.
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Surveying accessories
Find all the accessories you need for your land survey operations. We carry brands such as Emlid and Triangl.
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Drone accessories
Explore our growing selection of Handheld rugged tablets, solutions and accessories.
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Drone accessories
Professional drone mapping cameras with 24Mp, 42Mp and 61MP resolutions along with multiple lens options. Compatible with Emlid PPK UAV Mapping kits for centimeter accuracy.
The Aeromappers cover all your mapping and scouting needs
Designed to provide you the highest return on investment on your data collection operations, increasing the quality, boosting accuracy and allowing great area coverage with a multitude of sensors available.
Countries served
Years of experience manufacturing and operating UAVs
Accumulated flight hours
Rugged all season mapping BVLOS systems proven in 60 countries since 2011.
Since 2012 we have been manufacturing the Aeromapper series of turnkey fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles destined for mapping, remote sensing, surveying, scouting and inspection applications. The Aeromappers are currently operating in more than 60 countries by many clients including government institutions, private companies, universities and research organizations.

Our fixed wing drones continuously demonstrate BVLOS capabilities since 2016, large area coverage effectiveness and excellent wind resistance. We have a wide range of compatible payloads available such as PPK/RTK modules for precise mapping, long range video downlink systems, high resolution mapping cameras and multispectral sensors. We customize our drones to host other sensors or payloads to suit your specific needs of every client or any application. In 2018 we developed the Aeromapper Talon Amphibious fixed wing drone, specially designed for maritime operations for both monitoring and mapping tasks and which has been already used in BVLOS operations in several countries.

Aeromao is now proud to announce the next generation of fixed wing drone with the VT-Naut, a Vertical Takeoff and Short Landing (VTOSL) solution tailored to cater to the discerning needs of users seeking expansive surveying capabilities via a fixed wing drone, the VT-Naut eliminates the added costs associated with acquiring and operating a VTOL multirotor drone. Experience unparalleled efficiency without compromising on sophistication, as we redefine the landscape of large-area surveying.

The VT Naut is the world’s first vertical takeoff fixed wing drone that can land on the water, making it the ideal and only low cost solution for ship-board operations on marine environment.

Need to implement drones in your organization?

The Aeromappers have been the choice of different large-scale UAV programs both in Canada and other nations thanks to its dependability & ongoing drone implementation assistance. Aeromao also provides training & operational support, payload customizations & strategic consultation, service and maintenance, so that customers can focus on the data acquisition and their applications with a future-proof UAV fleet that’s always backed and supported.

We also provide end to end drone mapping services worldwide. Whether you just need the acquisition of data or the final deliverables in the shortest amount of time possible, we are your got-to partner. We fly the missions and deliver the data right to your desk. We assist clients with mission planning consultation, flights over difficult terrain or harsh conditions, PPK training and implementation, flight training, bids & RQFs, long distance linear missions, BVLOS missions (Beyond Visual Line of Sight), surveillance, inspection & scouting, very large areas or extreme weather.

Benefits of selecting our products and services
Enjoy World Class Customer Support
Elevate your experience with our fast, expert, and personable customer support that transcends expectations. We thrive on surpassing the ordinary, committed to propelling your UAV venture toward unparalleled success. We don’t just provide support; we invest in your triumph. Our unwavering dedication ensures your journey is seamless, leaving no stone unturned to guarantee the utmost return on your UAV investment.
Complete Mapping Solutions
Our UAV systems are fully autonomous high-performance drones engineered for capturing high-resolution georeferenced imagery for a variety of industries and applications. From product manufacturing & sales all the way down to strategic consulting and training, we cover all aspects of your drone needs for your organization.
Future Proof and Affordable
Our UAV systems stand for reliability and low cost, a testament to our sophisticated manufacturing methodologies and extensive expertise. Crafted with ingenuity, they present as resilient, fully modular solutions that seamlessly align with evolving industry trends. Elevate your expectations and invest wisely in UAV systems that embody the perfect synergy of durability, economic sensibility, and adaptability to future paradigms. Experience a future-proof investment that transcends the conventional.
Because Experience Counts
Aeromao Inc. initiated operations in Canada in 2011 after more than 10 years of field experience on mapping service internationally with UAVs and Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles (RPAVs), well before other manufacturers. We focus on the manufacturing of turnkey UAV systems, subsystem sales, and comprehensive support services, assisting customers with the integration of the UAVs into their workflows to maximize results and increase their return on investment.
Professional Grade
Clients in more than 50 countries trust the Aeromappers for tasks such as water monitoring, agriculture, forestry, environmental efforts, wildlife scouting, inspection, oil and gas, natural resources management, surveying and construction. High performance doesn’t necessarily mean more complexity: 80% of our clients have cero previous drone experience and they are happy to have chosen the Aeromappers.
Always Improving
Over the years we have accumulated thousands of flight hours on hundreds of real projects and missions, in every type of environment and terrain, not to mention the time and money invested on our own research. Our drone designs and solutions are the result of all those years of continuous improvement. You can rest assured that your investment will be well supported well into the future.
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