Our Services

We deliver data driven comprehensive services.
Our expert staff has a long track of experience in capturing the most comprehensive, high-quality data anywhere in the world, in any environment. No project is too big or too small. Contact us now with your requirements and we’ll help you to take your project from concept to reality.

Drone Mapping Service

We provide remote sensing and aero-photogrammetry mapping services worldwide. By choosing us as your mapping service provider we’ll provide the data at your desk, so you can focus on your application. You make the big decisions. It’s is like renting our drones with a pilot.

We serve the following sectors: precision agriculture, utilities, pipelines & powerlines, oil & gas, wildlife & environment, mining, inspection and monitoring, construction, assets, surveying, RGB, multispectral, NDVI, thermal, multi-temporal surveys for change detection, volumetric estimations, situational awareness, corridor & linear mapping, emergency response mapping, ice monitoring, digital surface models.

We provide end to end solutions: digital orthophotos, calibrated radiometric orthophotos, photogrammetry, Digital Terrain Models, NDVI, thermal maps, video surveys.

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Special Operations
Our team can help you develop the strategy, training and safety measures critical to deploying successful missions. Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) missions, difficult terrain, mountains, maritime & amphibious operations, marshlands & coastal UAV operations, artic conditions, desert, extreme winds, linear & corridor mapping, large area mapping (up to 30 Sq.Km/day depending on terrain). We also provide very high resolution surveys when required (less than 1cm/pixel), or mobile base operations (UAV flying from a moving vehicle or vessel).
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Linear Surveys
We have surveyed hundreds of linear kilometers for a diversity of applications, from waterways to powerlines, road projects. Flying long distances requires careful planning and BVLOS capable drones. Our drones are up to the task as they have demonstrated on countless occasions. Mobile base operations provide extra area coverage in such cases, or landing at a different location from that of takeoff.
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Operational Assistance
We assist your team on the deployment of the drones on a real-life scenario. Like a hands-on flight training but on a production mission/job. We also offer the service and maintenance that your drones may require to keep them in optimal conditions when you need them.

Key Features

UAV Program Implementation

We can facilitate the implementation of your UAV program within your organization from ground zero and support it well into the future, specially adapted to the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Whether is one unit or an entire fleet of drones, we provide all the operational support you will require, including technical service, maintenance & system updates in order to keep your drones flying with the latest technology of payloads and subsystems. We can customize the training package that your team may require.

UAV Training

Hands-on or online training, year-round. Trainings typically cover UAV system familiarization, flight planning, weather and terrain considerations, live flying, launching and recovery and image and data acquisition.

UAV Consultation

We help clients and organizations from all over the world in their UAV related interests such as customizations for specific payload integration, service and maintenance & technical support.

Research and Education

Over the years we have served many University programs around the world, as well as recognized Research & Conservation organizations. The excellent capabilities, highly level of customization and affordability of the Aeromappers makes them ideal for research and educational use. Universities, colleges and research organizations worldwide choose the Aeromappers for their projects. Students and personnel can focus then on the application and avoid the time spent on building & tuning R/C aircraft.

Sectors Served

– Agriculture
– Geospatial and land surveying: high accuracy and engineering
– Utilities, oil & gas, powerlines
– Surveying
– Mining
– Construction: centimeter accuracy, PPK, 3D maps, DTMs, orthomosaics, photogrammetry, point clouds,
– Wildlife, ecology and environment
– Inspection and monitoring
– Enforcement, security, search and detection