About Us

Aeromao Inc.

We are the Canadian leading UAV manufacturer, developer of the survey grade Aeromapper series of fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles for mapping, surveying, precision agriculture, remote sensing and scouting for professionals. We are based in beautiful Ontario, Canada. Our commercial grade drones are optimized to carry the best in class sensors including high-resolution RGB cameras, infrared, thermal, multispectral and video surveillance cameras.

Our systems are mature, field proven, shipped to more than 50 countries to approximately 200 clients so far. Aeromao Inc. offers a line of products that adapt very quickly to market demands and to unique client’s applications, where no other UAV manufacturer goes. From mapping thousands of acres in Nevada, wildlife monitoring in the Artic, through hyper-spectral surveys in Brazil, to scouting missions from a vessel in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Aeromappers have been used by recognized corporations, research organizations, universities and government agencies around the globe for a wide range of applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is to expand your capabilities of collecting and analyzing data, enabling you to make better decisions. We implement only the latest technology and production processes in our drones, while keeping them functional, easy to use and affordable. We are not limited to sell a few commercial mapping drones but we provide the end to end solution to both small and large organizations, assisting in the implementation of the technology, including but not limited to customizations of the drones to accommodate specific payloads, training to personnel, operational assistance and support for as long as the client needs.

Our Strengths

We have the expertise in robotics, manufacturing, 3Dprinting & CAD, prototyping, drone flying and operation, avionics, payloads, photography, programming & computing, communications, composite materials, vacuum forming, and of course aerospace sciences such as aerodynamics & flight dynamics, backed by thousands of flight hours of real field experience. One of our core values is the ability to adapt at very high speed to new market demands or simply when a new solution or good idea is identified, while making it competitive well into the future. This way, we constantly integrate better subsystems and components into our drones and processes which has given us the reputation of being market innovators and industry disruptors.

Our Commitment to Quality

We spend hundreds of hours every year in our field flight testing each and every single drone unit that we manufacture, testing every component beyond its limits, testing sub-systems capabilities, ensuring highest quality standards and prolonged consistency. We test our flying machines in real conditions and often in extreme wind and weather (thanks Canada for this!) before it is shipped to the customer. Clients can download the flight logs upon receiving their equipment and “play back” the logs as they occurred here in Canada and verify the proper functioning of the equipment and the procedures used. In every flight test the vehicle performs a series of maneuvers to cover every possible flight situation. Each system goes then through another set of static tests to double check that all its components are airworthy and perfectly tuned.

Our roots start back in 2004, by designing, building and operating UAVs for mapping in harsh environments. During those early years we mapped thousands of acres and hundreds of kilometers of linear missions every year usually over the most difficult terrain imaginable.

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