Lake Erie Ontario Used For Test Round For Aeromapper Talon Amphibious

During later 2018 Aeromao Inc announced officially the availability of the Amphibious Aeromapper Talon UAV system after completed an additional set of intensive tests on Lake Erie, Ontario, under appropriate SFOC operations (SFOC stands for Special Flight Operations Certificate).


Tests performed included repetitive flights for consistency, confirming the waterproofing capabilities of the UAV. Even a submersion test was performed, in which the UAV was intentionally fully immersed on water for a few seconds, and inspecting its interior for water intake, which is the first time this is heard of for a fixed wing drone.

This UAV is very much designed for an elegant life in the skies. However, it is also completely comfortable bobbing on the ocean waves and if water does somehow manage to enter the fuselage, be rest assured, that all the components on the inside have been waterproofed fully. In normal operation, the UAV will never submerge or break on impact, but we at Aeromao know from firsthand experience, how hard marine conditions can be. As part of our philosophy we always go the extra mile.

The amphibious AM Talon was conceived for surveyors, research institutes, inspection, emergency responders, search and rescue, surveillance, wildlife monitoring, river and coastal mapping, conservation and environmental efforts, hydrography, marine management, fisheries & water management.

The UAV can optionally be equipped with a live camera system (excellent for monitoring and surveillance) as well as a 20Mp camera which will take crystal clear stills or film. The UAV is simple to retrieve from the water using a small boat or you can land it near to, or on a beach. With a cruise speed of 60kph, communications range of +30Km and flight endurance of nearly 2 hours, you will be able to cover a huge area, saving money and time. This sub-system have been extensively tested as well on water environment to ensure dependability.


LOCATION: Lake Erie, Canada
UAV: Aeromapper Talon Amphibious