Eyeshot Pro

The Eyeshot Pro provides uninterrupted observation for both vast areas as well as a constant view over a specific point of interest by loitering around it while observing. This payload includes a wireless live-video link system with a convenient & compact Ground Control Station. The camera records video in HD (1080p resolution). The camera can be panned left-right up to 90o degrees to each side.


  • Swappable with all other payloads
  • Affordable
  • Weather and waterproof
  • 20 km video link range
  • Thermal day/night and waterproof thermal-only versions available
  • 90o panning left-right. Operator can pan left-right from GCS.
  • 20kms video range (extendable to 30km by request, only available for the “dry” version of the Aeromapper Talon).
  • 4Ghz band. Supreme image quality with minimal noise.
  • Hot Swappable with all other payloads.
  • Can work with a 20Mp nadir camera for simultaneous mapping.
  • Environmentally sealed design.
  • Includes OSD (On Screen Display) with more than 50 flight and system status parameters.
  • Able to be operated by a single person.



    Search and Rescue

    Disaster response



    Oil & gas monitoring

    Powerlines inspection

    Utilities documentation, inspection &  monitoring

  Wildlife monitoring

  Situational awareness

Inspect wide areas very efficiently or maintain a constant eye over a point of interest or target on the ground, by having the drone loiter over it