Aeromapper 300

The AM300 is a carbon fiber & Kevlar rugged – industrial grade fixed-wing drone designed for mapping and surveying. Easily hand-launched and recovered via a convenient parachute system, users can choose between a wide range of different payloads available to address different surveying needs. Its standard 24 Mp RGB camera with optional PPK module can be quickly swapped by hyperspectral sensors, mutiespectral or thermal infrared cameras. A fully modular design, 1.5hrs of endurance and guaranteed long range communications link up to 30kms of distance from the operators makes this the UAV of choice for the professional surveyor

Up To 1.5hr Endurance

3cm Accuracy No GCPs

Fully Autonomous

Carbon Fiber + Kevlar Construction

Long Range Links (+30Kms)

Parachute Recovery

Why Choose The Aeromapper 300

It is ideal for medium to large projects, long linear survey requests or when BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) is a necessity. The Aeromapper 300 UAV system can cover up to 6.5 at 3 cm/pixel with the 24 Mp camera, or 4.7 at 1.5 cm/pixel, double the resolution, with the 42 MP RGB optional camera upgrade, per flight. Larger areas can be covered by making several flights per day or by flying at higher altitudes, provided that regulatory bodies allow.
Cameras are installed in panoramic orientation for most optimal area coverage with maximum side overlap. The complete system can be ready for takeoff by a single operator in approximately 10 minutes after arriving at the field.
The Aeromapper 300 is also available with our Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) GNSS dual frequency receiver for the highest level of accuracy on your deliverables with no Ground Control Points. Additionally, it can carry dual sensor options to cut your data acquisition time and costs in half, as described in detail below.
We can also customize the UAV with other choices of payloads or devices, delivering exactly what the customer requires. As usual, the Aeromapper 300 is delivered fully flight tested prior to delivery and with all the accessories the user will require.
Operators training is optionally available but not required. Online training or hands-on flight training is available. The UAV system is extremely easy to use by a person with basic technical knowledge.

We can guarantee the toughest and most durable UAV you will use at unrivaled price. The Aeromapper 300 is a proven and mature UAV operating in 25 countries since 2015, tested over the course of thousands of flight hours and in all kinds of conditions, from desert to arctic weather.

Aeromapper 300 Key Features

PPK solves the biggest problem in the drone mapping process by increasing the accuracy of the deliverables within centimeters and eliminating the need for Ground Control Points. The Aeromapper 300 can be ordered with a geodetic – dual frequency – survey grade GNSS PPK receiver for direct georeferencing of the imagery. It is provided with dedicated GPS software to easily and automatically process the data.

The 42Mp camera option along with PPK module offers unparallel ground resolution and 2-3 cm absolute accuracy on your deliverables. This level of performance plus the price point of the UAV system translates in unrivaled productivity per acre that no other drone system can rival.

The ideal tool for survey & precision agriculture when used with any of our multispectral camera options available. Use the Micasense Rededge MX in a swappable configuration, or our exclusive dual camera setup featuring Parrot Sequoia+ simultaneously with a 24 Mp RGB camera, to capture visible and non-visible spectral bands along with high resolution RGB imagery in a single flight.

Another swappable popular setup for thermal maps is the dual configuration of 24 Mp RGB camera along with a Flir Vue Pro camera (640×512 res), providing very high resolution georeferenced thermal maps for a variety of industrial and inspection tasks, such as oil & gas, or powerline long distance inspection missions, for example.


The Aeromapper 300 is also an ideal platform for Hyperespectral sensors such as the Nano Hyperespec from Headwall which is used in Geology, Mining, Precision Agriculture, Environmental applications and infrastructure inspections

Customizable and multi-payload: the Aeromapper 300 is a fully modular platform with a large payload bay capable of can hosting a number of sensors. We offer custom engineered solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients so that the sensors are easily swappable.

Field-proven BVLOS capabilities: since early 2016 the Aeromappers demonstrated a 30km communication & control link range in a BVLOS operation case here.

Although the parachute is the main recovery method of the Aeromapper 300 it can also be deployed at any moment during the flight should the user decides to do so. The Aeromaper 300 can land in very tight areas with extraordinary precision.

The Aeromapper 300 has great wind resistance, up to 50 km/h winds. Its size also makes it a better platform than small sub 1Kg drones because it is much more stable and robust, generally resulting in better quality data acquired. Small drones shake too much in windy or turbulent conditions, making necessary several passes over the area to ensure quality data is gathered or excessive overlap needed, slowing up the entire data collecting process.

The UAV system includes everything you need at an unrivaled price: flight tested Aeromapper 300 UAV system, survey grade 24 Mp camera, long-range telemetry communication system, carrying case, one battery set, battery charger, handheld controller, Documentation and User Manual, and unlimited customer support. Users just need to add a laptop.

Easily create complete survey missions in minutes with just a few clicks. Monitor the development of your mission, UAV health status, complete flight information or send commands to the UAV from up to 30km away, all with the versatile Mission Planner software.

Sense & avoid: monitor live air traffic near the area of operation and report to adjacent traffic the position and altitude of your drones with ADS-B transceiver (by uAvionix)

  • Wing span: 3.0 m
  • Takeoff: Hand launch.
  • Take-off Weight: 5350 gr.
  • Cruise Speed: 62 Km/h.
  • Maximum speed: +90 Km/h – Great stability and minimal roll & pitch oscillations in gusty conditions thanks to its low dihedral, small lateral profile and V tail rudder control = no gimbal required for cameras &   sensors.
  • Parachute recovery system: Ultra compact parachute with Kevlar lines. Very easy to pack in 2 minutes. Instructions provided.
  • Endurance: 90 Mins.
  • Take-off: Fully automatic.
  • Landing: Aircraft repeat passes over desired landing area at 40m until parachute is deployed via a single switch. Belly landing possible with pilot assistance in auto stabilization mode. Automatic parachute release on waypoint also available upon request.
  • Autopilot: Pixhawk.
  • Range: +30 kms data links, 433 Mhz.
  • Max. Altitude: 4500 masl.
  • Failsafe: Automatically returns to home & loiter upon loss of RC link.
  • Flight modes: Manual, Stabilize, Return to Home, FBW, Auto & More.
  • Wind Tolerance: up to 40 km/h. 25km/h for parachuting down.
  • Telemetry: Battery status, alt, ground speed, compass, attitude, distance traveled, time on air (speech enabled), wind vector and much more.
  • Moving map display: Drone position and heading, commands on map, fly to point on map, altitude changes, mission route, and more.
  • Low battery warning: Visual and audible alarm warnings. Thresholds are user definable.
  • Mission Planning: Altitude, side and length-wise overlaps, orientation of the lines, start & end waypoints, flying speed and overshoots are user definable. Drone automatically calculates flight time, distance between images and triggers camera automatically. Distance between lines is calculated automatically according to desired side overlap.
  • Weather: All weather performance. The Aeromappers can fly in light rain. All it’s electronics are enclosed.
  • Payloads: 24Mp standard. 36Mp camera available.

GSD (ground resolution)

Altitude AGL (meters)

Area coverage per flight

1.6 cm/pixel

85 m

4.3 km2

2.4 cm/pixel

125 m

6.6 km2

4.8 cm/pixel

250 m

13 km2

7.8 cm/pixel

400 m

21.4 km2

11.7 cm/pixel

600 m

31 km2

  • Area coverage per 90 min flight, including takeoff and recovery flight time. Larger areas can be covered in several flights in the same day.
  • Calculated with 30% side overlap.
  • Calculated using the standard 24 Mp camera & lens provided.
  • For 3D terrain models side overlap must be minimum 60%, reducing estimated area coverage per flight.
  • Aeromapper 300 Unmanned System Ready to Fly.
  • One set of batteries for 1.5hrs of flight time.
  • 30 Km Link System.
  • Sony 24 mp camera with 20mm lens.
  • 20mm lens.
  • Lipo Battery Charger.
  • User’s Manual & Documentation.
  • Heavy duty carrying cases.
  • Mission Planner GCS software.

Optional Additions and Pricing

Aeromapper 300 complete mapping system ready to fly:

Includes 24 Mp camera, carrying cases, batteries, battery charger, accessories, hand-held controller with long range system, Manuals, and Documentation, mission planning software, support package, 1 year Limited Warranty.
$16,000 USD     $14,000 USD 

GNSS PPK upgrade:

High performance geodetic grade 20Hz Dual Frequency L1/L2 GNSS receiver integrated into the UAV and ready to use. Includes all support documentation.
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Aeromapper 300 with 42 Mp RGB and PPK upgrade: unprecedented data quality.

The Aeromapper 300 offers unrivaled ROI per acre among all other UAV options. This bundle adds a 42 Mp RGB camera to map up to 4.7 at 1.5 cm/pixel, or 9.9 at 3 cm/pixel per flight, and the PPK upgrade to achieve 3cm of accuracy with no Ground Control Points.

$25,200 USD$19,990 USD

Ask for our Pix4Dmapper or Agisoft Metashape promotion for this bundle to make it the most powerful tool for truly professional mapping

PIX4D Mapper software: 

Aeromao is an official partner of Pix4D.                                          The Pix4DMapper is the No. 1 photogrammetry software for drone imagery. Works for any camera, any drone and type of imagery.                                                                                        Transform your images into spatial models, quickly and accurately.                                                                                        Measure distances, areas, and volumes. Extract elevation profile data and perform virtual inspections.                                  Full featured perpetual floating license (1 device).                      More information here.

$4,990 USD.

Agisoft Metashape

Perform photogrammetric processing of digital images and 3D spatial data generation.Includes a single user license to process unlimited imagery. Features: Photogrammetric triangulation, Dense point cloud: editing and classification, Digital elevation model, Georeferenced orthomosaic, measure distances and volumes, high accuracy surveying, multispectral and thermal imagery processing, and much more.

$ 3,499 USD

Hands-on flight training:

This training covers UAV preparation, mission planning and principles of image acquisition, pre-flight checklist, live flying and recovery.
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Online flight training:

Online training covers UAV preparation review, mission planning and principles of image acquisition, pre-flight checklist and recovery procedure.
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Parrot Sequoia and 24Mp RGB:

Obtain multispectral (NDVI) and RGB imagery simultaneously. Sequoia captures calibrated wavelength, Green, Red, Red-Edge and Near Infrared at 1.2 MP alongside RGB imagery at 16 MP. Includes GPS + IMU for easy full automatic work flow, while the Sony alpha obtains full RGB at 24 Megapixels.
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Flir Vue Pro and 24Mp RGB dual setup:

Flir Vue captures georeferenced Thermal IR imagery at 640×512 resolution while the Sony obtains visible RGB imagery at 24 Megapixels, while controlling the Flir camera from the GCS.Merge your high resolution RGB maps with a thermal orthomosaic, all from a single flight. Create geo-accurate thermal maps of incredible detail.
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42Mp RGB camera: Sony DSC-RX1R II:

42Mp resolution RGB camera for stunning photogrammetry, 3D models, DTMs. Allows greater area coverage per flight and increase the ground resolution, achieving an amazing level of detail. Achieve 1.6 cm/pixel when flying at 400ft, or cover 1,300 Hectares (3,217 acres) at 2.5cm/pixel (at 820ft agl), for example. Swappable with all other sensors available.
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Micasense Rededge MX:

The RedEdge-MX is a rugged and professional multispectral camera for advanced agricultural analysis. It captures both the spectral calibrated bands required for crop health indices (green, red, red edge and near-infrared), a blue band for deeper insights into specific issues, plus composite RGB imagery. Spot crop problems before they appear – identify nutrient deficiencies – see plant disease before they are visible. Swappable with all other sensors available. Detailed camera information here:
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ADS-B: live air traffic and transpoder:

World’s smallest and compact ADS-B transponders to detect and avoid commercial traffic within 100 mile radius. Choose between the ping2020 or ping 2020i. Dramatically improves drone operator awareness of threats in the area including aircraft when flying beyond line of sight. Pilots with ADS-B receivers will see the location and altitude of your UAS, and Mission Planner will show the location and altitude of nearby manned aircraft so all operators can safely share airspace. See and be seen. Available for both North America and Europe users. Delivered installed and ready to use in your choice of Aeromapper drone.
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Flir Duo R and Flir Duo Pro R: thermal + 4K video/stills:

Dual sensor payloads that provides thermal and visible imagery, both recorded and through live video stream, making it ideal for inspection, scouting, infraestrucure, search & rescue, wildlife. Duo also comes with a fully radiometric variant called Duo R that delivers accurate, calibrated temperature measurements in every pixel. Available for both forward looking (with the Eyeshot Pro) or nadir configuration. Camera can be remotely controlled.
This sensor is also swappable with all other sensor options available. Suitable for taking still images and stitching them into an orthorectified image.
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Micasense Altum

The Altum integrates a radiometric thermal camera with five high-resolution narrow bands, producing advanced thermal, multispectral and high-resolution imagery in one flight for advanced analytics, calibrated and synchronized, perfect for advanced analytics.

Its Five high-resolution lenses allow you to get detailed plant health imagery (5.2 cm GSD) and detailed Digital Surface Models all from 400 ft. This camera is swappable with all other sensors available for this drone.

For detailed information on this camera go to:

The Altum is delivered ready to use with 128 GB external storage device (USB 3.0), calibrated reflectance panel, DLS 2 light sensor with integrated GPS, cables, and swappable mount.

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